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Return policy

Customer’s personal data.

While registering the Order at the Site the Customer provides the following information: the Surname, the (given) Name, the electronic mail address, the telephone number, the delivery address.

The Seller uses the information in order to comply with the commitments concerning the Customer. The Seller shall not divulge the information obtained from the Customer. Handing the information over to the agents and third parties acting under the contract with the Seller in order to comply with the commitments concerning the Customer is not considered a violation.

The disclosure of information in accordance with the reasonable and applicable requirements of a law is not considered a violation. The Seller is not responsible for the publicly available information provided by the Customer at the Site.

Receipt / acceptance of goods

While receiving goods you have a right to check the outside appearance, the possible defects and the packaging arrangement. The claims concerning the outside appearance and the packaging arrangement of the goods delivered to you may be raised only at the moment of the transfer of goods to you by the seller (in accordance with Cl. 458 and 459 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

After the goods have been transferred the liability for safety is delegated to the customer, and the claims concerning the packaging arrangement and the outside appearance are not accepted. While receiving goods in the transportation company you have a right to check the outside appearance and the packaging arrangement in loco. If the outside appearance is inappropriate or the packaging arrangement is partial, you can draw up a Goods Inspection Report in loco, on its grounds you can change the goods or get the refund. After the delivery notes have been signed in the transportation company the claims concerning the outside appearance and the packaging arrangement are not accepted.

Return of goods of proper quality within the period of 14 days

The goods are accepted and examined in the office during working hours. In some cases it is possible to use the service of the delivery man who will come to your place to return or change goods. Contact the manager for details. In your country the goods can be returned by the corresponding transportation company.

In accordance with Cl.26.1 “The distant method of selling goods” you have the right to refuse the goods and to claim the refund in the period of 7 days from the moment of its receipt. It is possible in case the goods are of proper quality, not have been used, its salable condition, labels, the outside appearance of the package, the purchase documents and the full packaging arrangement have been preserved. The refund is paid within the period of 10 days from the moment the customer raised a written claim. In case you are in a region of Russia, the refund is paid after the goods are returned and examined.

If the goods of proper quality are returned, the money is refunded except for the shipping cost (Cl. 26.1).



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