DVD "Ruslan Tatyanin School 7"

I present you the big studio master class on video.

Dear friends and colleagues, I present you the big studio master class on video.
In 2,5 hours of training you will see detailed creation of 7 different hairstyles, beginning from technology of preparation of hair and finishing with secrets of strong fixing.
You learn as it is easy to create a magnificent bunch, an elegant wedding image, to work in technology of sewing, with nets and rollers.

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Great video with option of English naration i was surprised and happy to discover. Ruslan explains how he is seeing the shape of the hairstyles and how the techniques he uses achieves the required effects. Surprising simple yet ingenious methods of handling the hair are thoughly explained in detail. Great for novice or advanced (i have been hairdressing for over 30 years) and i value this video in my collection.