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New best hairstyles from the Maestro (PDF format)

Dear friends and colleagues! There is a unique opportunity to order the book in electronic format! It saves your time and budget. Now no need to wait and pay for shipping. You after payment, email (specified when ordering) will receive an email with a link to download the book.
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Educational book Ruslan Tatyanin "New best hairstyles from the Maestro""Volume 3".

Dear friends and colleagues! With joy I present You my new book!
In her 20 hairstyles – from classic to creative – you can easily repeat with detailed step-by-step description IN RUSSIAN and ENGLISH LANGUAGES!
The book presents a variety of techniques and unusual ways to work with long hair: the waves, the use of ridges, veins and even thread.
I present to you hairstyles new generation-the bright, commercial, relevant to work in the salon, at shows, for brides and creativity.

Thank the makeup artist: Elena Malyshev and Gohar Avetisyan, as well as photographers: Yenisei and Vladimir Kalinin.
Thanks for the support and participation of your partner company Alfaparf Milano.

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