New! Branded tongs from the personal brand Ruslan Tatyanin


Diameter: ø 25 mm. , ø 28 mm. , ø 32 mm.

Branded cheat tongs from personal brand Ruslan Tatyanin

The length of the working canvas: 18 cm, which allows you to work even with very long hair.

Titanium-ceramic coating ensures uniform heating of the hair strands.

The ideal temperature is from 150 - 230 degrees, it heats up very quickly, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the working canvas.

Suitable for all types of modern styling, curls, waves, creating hairstyles in any hairstyle.

Features: Temperature regulator

Electronic display

Special protection along the working cloths, will not allow hair to slide during work.

The length of the cord is 3 meters.

In a set the silver thermocover, with it the tool can be transferred even hot.